Discovering Beer with Coffeebar’s Generale Sprezzatura

Nikki is Generale Sprezzatura (someone who does something extremely well without showing effort)... The woman in charge of our Coffeebar culture. She pioneers positivity and rules her land with an iron fist and a big heart. She, aside from bestowing the most amazing customer service on our community, is most passionate about the art and craft of BEER! 

BEER. The love affair began when I realized that not every beer tasted like Budweiser – my dad’s beer of choice. After leaving the nest my eyes were opened to the wonderful world of craft fermentation. Different styles, flavors and stories play out in each glass – calling to you to come explore.

Another bonus: World Class beer is coming out of the small, independent brewers that are spread across the country- yet we have some of the best right in our backyard.

As it is Craft Beer Week here in Reno, we had to join in on the fun and show off the incredible beers we’re carrying by local (& regional) brewers. In addition to quenching your thirst with amazingly tasty beer, you’re directly supporting our regional beer community/economy when you drink local!

We often feature Under the Rose beers, a Reno-born brewery that is a beacon of bright light off of 4th Street. They’re down-home folks whose passion for incredible beer is evident. Visit the brewery tasting room and they’ll probably be serving up your beer.

Under the Rose Grapefruit Lemongrass Blonde – Reno, NV
This Grapefruit Lemongrass Blonde is “clean and refreshing kolsch-style ale” with the faintest hint of citrus. Great for these summer-esque days.

Pigeon Head IPL – Reno, NV
Lager-centric and doing great things! Another solid Reno brewery nestled off the Midtown track. They have a great wood-trimmed tasting room tucked into their main brewing space.

The Imperial Pale Lager (IPL) is one of my favorite hopped beers coming out of this area. Great nose, “a light malty body with noticeable hop bitterness and hop aroma at the finish.”  YUM.

Almanac Saison Dolores – San Francisco, CA
They focus on farm-to-barrel brewing, partnering with local farms for their grains and any fruit used in their beers. They’re pushing the beer world to consider terroir and responsible ingredient sourcing. Really cool.

This aromatic farmhouse-style Saison uses barley, rye and Sonoran Wheat grown in Mendocino County. It’s dry hopped it to create a California Saison with flavors of spicy white pepper, fruity melon and a clean food friendly finish.

All taps are frequently rotating – we carry local and otherwise incredible brews.

Reno Wine Tasting: Wines of France

Our March wine tasting event at Coffeebar Reno is happening tomorrow night! Join us from 7 to 10 p.m. for a very special evening. The theme for this event is France, and we will be sampling a variety of wines from throughout the country. In addition, wine tastings will be complemented by food pairings designed and prepared by our new executive chef, Nicholas Hernandez.

Cost is $25 per person for all food and wine tastings throughout the evening, payable at the door. We look forward to sharing this incredible event with you!

Upcoming Menu Changes

To our valued Coffeebar customers:

Beginning on March 23rd, we will be implementing a new drink and food menu! The new drink menu will feature more drink sizes, easier ordering system, touch screen signatures and additional menu options. Please note that some of the pricing for current drinks may change slightly, however we will maintain the same great value that you have come to expect from Coffeebar. 

We will also be making some exciting changes to our food menu. As you may have seen on our blog/website and social media announcements, we have hired a new Executive Chef, Nick Hernandez! Chef Hernandez will be creating some fun new additions to our food menu, including new crepes, salads and Panini. Our goal is to present you a local menu that is true to our Italian style and changes with the seasons to keep our food fun and fresh!

While we have worked hard to maintain consistent pricing across our menu throughout our time of business (with no changes to our pricing since Nov. 2012), the cost of our ingredients – including C1 grade coffee and local dairy – have continued to rise. As such, some drink prices on our menu will change slightly, to accommodate our increasing supply costs.

As both an owner and a team member, I remain devoted to providing you the best value in conjunction with an amazing café experience. We will continue to offer the freshest, highest quality ingredients available. It is tremendously important to us to maintain partnerships with local farms, utilize a local coffee roaster and work with a local dairy provider in order to serve the best food and beverages we possibly can, and also to honor our goals in sustainability. We hope you too see the value in these relationships and priorities, and that you will find the impact of these slight price changes to be minimal.

Thank you being a part of our Coffeebar family!

-       Greg, Giuseppe and The Coffeebar Team

Coffeebar Hires Executive Chef

Coffeebar is extremely pleased to announce the hiring of our new Executive Chef, Nicholas Hernandez.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.54.53 PM.png

Born with a passion...

Nicholas is an award-winning professional chef and ice sculptor in the Reno/Tahoe area with a tremendous resume of cooking experience and knowledge. Born and raised in Westchester, New York and of Puerto Rican and Italian descent, Chef Nicholas developed a passion for the culinary arts at a very young age. He first began working in professional kitchens at just 13 years old, and went on to pursue his career at the famous SUNY Delhi culinary school, where he graduated with a bachelors degree in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. His areas of concentration included hospitality and business management, culinary restaurant competition and ice sculpturing. During his years at SUNY Delhi, Chef Nicholas was a member of the Delhi Culinary Arts Team, as well as a member of the SUNY Delhi Olympic Youth competition team and the SUNY Delhi ice carving team.

Competing in the American Culinary Federation, the largest culinary group in the world, Chef Nicholas won multiple single person and team competitions as both a culinary competitor and ice sculptor, and captained a Hot Food Team that placed third at the ACF National Championship. Nicholas credits his work and experience through the ACF with exposing him to many incredibly talented professionals who helped bring him to where he is today. After he graduated in 2008, Chef Nicholas competed in one last major culinary competition, at Las Vegas' MGM Grand, where he was selected as one of just four chefs in the United States, representing the entire East Coast as Northeast Regional Champion, to compete for Student Culinarian of the year.

Developing a lifestyle...

Chef Nicholas' professional experience is extensive and impressive. He has worked under 14 different Certified Master Chefs throughout his career, at a number of highly renowned restaurants throughout the United States, from New York to Colorado, to Las Vegas to Reno/Tahoe, in positions from line cook to executive chef. Currently, Chef Nicholas is based in Tahoe and runs his own custom private chef business, The Dinner Bell LLC, where he acts as both Executive Chef and owner. It was in that role that Chef Nicholas first worked with Coffeebar, providing food at several of our monthly wine tasting events. Nicholas also works as a personal chef for North Tahoe catering, a high-end catering company in the Tahoe area, and is a professional ice sculptor for Tahoe Ice Sculptures, which makes custom ice, ice bars, luges and various sculptures for a range of events. In 2014, Chef Nicholas placed 2nd at the Truckee Winery Ice Sculpting Competition, and in 2013 he won 2 gold medals at the Northstar Food and Wine competition: one for his ice sculpture, and another for "best paired dish," for his Tapatio Tequila paired with Shrimp Gazpacho.

Chef Nicholas' professional experience and background speak for themselves, but what truly sets him apart is his deep passion for culinary arts, and his extraordinary vision. Chef Nicholas desires to create a magical experience through food, and each of his dishes is carefully and creatively crafted, with purpose, artistry and love. He brings a flavor and style that is all his own, and his unique approach, in combination with his leadership and team-oriented mentality, make him an exceptional match for Coffeebar.

A perfect pairing...

Chef Nicholas says he is thrilled to begin working with Greg and the Coffeebar team to take the culinary experience at Coffeebar to the "next level." Nicholas' culinary practice is rooted in searching for the best quality, local and organic ingredients he can find, and combining them in innovative ways to "create something beautiful." He seeks to share his lifelong passion through his authentic signature dishes, and he says Coffeebar provides an ideal avenue to reach out to people in this way. Chef Nicholas will be creating all-new menu items in addition to weekly specials for Coffeebar, including fresh salads, soups, a variety of Italian style sandwiches, and more. Nicholas' dishes will be inspired by the freshest local ingredients available, with a focus on 'zero waste' throughout the culinary process.

Coffeebar owner Greg Buchheister says Chef Nicholas will be a fantastic addition to the Coffeebar team, and help the business fulfill its goals to provide not only the best coffee but also the best culinary and customer service experience possible for its customers, in an inclusive community with a unique Italian style atmosphere. Buchheister says Nicholas' mission and ideals as a chef line up perfectly with those of the Coffeebar team, from his focus on sustainable practice and the use of local and organic ingredients, to his innovative style in creating stand-out dishes, to his exceptional passion and enthusiasm to be the best at what he does everyday, and to share that gift with as many people as possible. Through his extensive experience, well-rounded professional skill set and top-notch techniques, Chef Nicholas truly embodies the idea of "Sprezzatura" that lies at the heart of Coffeebar.

Roasting Tour at Agtron, Round Two!

Here at Coffeebar, we take pride in the fact that all of our coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Reno. We are also proud to serve exclusively "C1" specialty Grade coffee, which is the highest level of industry designation in the coffee business. There is no higher grade of coffee available on the market, and it is extremely rare for a coffee shop anywhere in the world to serve this grade of coffee exclusively. We are honored to have this distinction! (Learn more about our use of C1 grade premium coffees here!)

Needless to say, the quality of our coffee is extremely important to us, and so too is our understanding of it. Coffee is a passion and lifestyle for our staff here at Coffeebar, so we are always eager to take the next step in learning more about it. This week some of our staff got the opportunity to do just that during a tour of our roasting facilities.

All Coffeebar coffees are roasted in South Reno, by our Master Roaster Carl Staub, at Agtron, Inc., which is where equipment was first developed to test the roast of coffee beans beyond the visible spectrum -- a method of measuring roasted coffee that has now become a standard around the world. Likewise, Carl himself is a world-renowned coffee expert, who has trained thousands of roasters and has over 100 patents in the industry. His involvement in the coffee industry extends over 20 years, and he is an incredible wealth of not only knowledge about coffee, but also passion for his craft.

Carl has invested himself in developing an extensive and unique understanding of the science behind coffee and what makes it taste good. Preparing coffee is an extremely complex process, he says, from the extraction to the roast, to the preparation of the beans in each individual cup. As an example, Carl explains that there are close to 900 various components that make up the unique flavor profile of coffee. Initially, Carl began roasting coffee on his own as a means to better understand the science behind it, but the roasting process quickly became a passion and a craft in itself for Carl. Today he roasts up to 20,000 pounds of coffee a month, including each bean that goes into a cup of Coffeebar coffee.

Roast 3.JPG

During our facility tour, Carl shared information about his processes for selecting, blending and roasting coffee; the complexities of coffee and the many factors that can impact the roasting process; and the vast range of distinct coffee characteristics and flavor profiles that can be created as a result. Our staff was able to learn why Carl uses the specific methodology and technology that he does for each roast, and how that makes his roasts stand out against others. Carl travels all around the world studying and learning to understand various types of coffee, and has much knowledge to share about the distinct differences between coffees hailing from various regions of the world. This enables him to develop some incredibly unique and special coffee blends for us here at Coffeebar, in addition to our traditional, house-blend Italian roast. During our tour, Carl roasted some single origin beans from Columbia.

Roast 5.JPG

Our staff is extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn more about the coffee that we love and take so much pride in. We feel very fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Carl working with us, right here in Reno, to provide the most high-quality specialty coffee beans possible to our customers. Thank you Carl and Agtron, Inc.!

Want to learn more about Carl and his work at Agtron? Check out this recent Reno Gazette Journal article (with a cameo from our own Greg Buchheister!).

Truckee Wine Tasting This Thursday!

Hello fellow wine lovers!

Please join us for our next monthly wine tasting event at Coffeebar Truckee this Thursday, Feb. 26th from 7 to 9:30 p.m.

We will be sampling a broad variety of wines from Northern Italy (see list below!). Wine tastings will be complemented by exquisite food pairings prepared by Coffeebar chef Nick Hernandez. We will also have sommeliers and wine reps in attendance to help guide you through your tasting experience! Cost is $25 per person for all food and wine tastings throughout the evening, payable at the door.

Here's a preview of some of the fantastic wines we will be tasting on Thursday!...
Bucci Verdicchio
Jankara Vermentin
Speri Valpolicella Classico LaRoverina
Speri Valpolicella Classico
Super Ripasso
Speri Amarone Valpolicella
St Urbano
Canella Prosecco
Fantini Chardonnay
Fantini Montepulciano D'Abruzzo
Santa Anastasia Nero D'Avola
Franz Haas Pinot Nero
Il Molino Di Grace Chianti Classico Riserva

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.14.23 AM.png

We look forward to seeing you, and sharing a special evening celebrating wine, culture, food, friends and community here at Coffeebar!

Coffeebar Bakery Update

Hello Truckee! As you may know, earlier this year Coffeebar partnered with Whole Treats bakery to open the "Coffeebar Bakery" in the former Whole Treats location, at 12047 Donner Pass Rd. We are incredibly excited about this partnership, which gives us an opportunity to expand our baking operations, to provide significantly more gluten free options to our customers at all of our locations, and to provide a second location in Truckee for customers to get some of Coffeebar's signature espresso and coffee drinks, in addition to a huge variety of baked goods as well as a small made-to-order food menu.

We wanted to give you all an update on the current status of the Coffeebar Bakery, as we've got some changes in the works to bring you a new and improved customer experience! Beginning Monday, Feb. 23rd, the bakery will be CLOSED for some remodeling. We are making some key aesthetic changes to the location over the next few weeks, and we will be re-opening in mid-March to debut our new space!

The Gluten Free bakery will still be operating during the closure (and will still be providing all kinds of delicious gluten free goodies to our existing Coffeebar locations in both Truckee and Reno, as well as a number of other establishments throughout the Truckee-Tahoe area), so if you would like to place any special orders please contact us at

Thank you so much for your patience while we work to improve this space and provide a new expanded bakery concept to the Truckee area. We are so excited to reopen in March with espresso, French press coffee, and all kinds of delicious breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, and gluten free options of all of the above. Stay tuned to our blog and social media accounts for updates on exact re-opening date, and if you have any additional questions, please send us an email at