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Morte Prima - Decaf


Smooth with flavors of caramel and nuts

Agtron: 40

Story of our Coffee:

Finally a decaf coffee that doesn't taste like decaf! Morte Prima is a blend of this season's sweetest, most balanced, decaffeinated coffees from around the world. Delicious on any brewing method.

In the Cup: 

Seasonal Central, South American and Eastern African beans blended for sweetness and balance.

Coffeebar C1 Coffee:

At Coffeebar we strive to create the definitive Italian coffee experience and it all starts with sourcing the best possible beans. C1 or Specialty Grade Coffee is the highest level of industry designation in the coffee business. 

About our Roaster: 

Our coffee is roasted by Carl Staub of Agtron in Reno, NV. Carl is one of the most prominent figures in the world of coffee. He is a genius food scientist that has been sourcing, cupping and roasting specialty coffee for more than 25 years. He has trained over 2000 roasters worldwide on the physics and chemistry of coffee. His combination of art and science is what makes Coffeebar's coffee so special.

16oz / 1 lb. 

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