Our philosophy is that we can teach anyone how to make great coffee with our beans... it is much harder to teach someone how to be nice!
— Giuseppe

C1 Grade coffees.

At Coffeebar we like to have fun with our coffee... just try a Caffe’ Marocchino! BUT, we take our beans seriously. We use organic, C1 Grade coffees. The C1/Specialty grade is the highest level of industry designation in the coffee business. There is not a higher grade of coffee available on the market.

All of our coffees are roasted by our Master Roaster, Carl Staub every Saturday morning in Reno and by the following Monday morning our customers are enjoying the freshest coffee around.  

At Coffeebar, we french press all of our brewed coffee. We believe that french press offers the fullest flavor, the smoothest brew and the right amount of TDS (total dissolved solids) per cup. We offer our house blend “Italian Roast”, a blend of 4-5 coffees, roasted to an Agtron rating of 33, similar to a classic French roast. We also offer seasonal estate & single origin coffees, just ask us what’s in stock.

For Espresso, we stick to our Italian roots and offer a classic Northern Italian blend roasted at an Agtron rating of 44. Our espresso preparations honor the hundreds of years of espresso drinking in Italy. We serve single shots of espresso for $1.50 but if you want a triple ristretto shot, don't hesitate to ask.

“What is C1 and why should I care?” C1/Specialty Grade coffees are green coffee beans that have no more than 3-5 full defects in 300 grams of coffee. No primary defects are allowed. A maximum of 5% above or below screen size is tolerated. Coffee must possess at least one distinctive attribute in body, flavor, aroma, or acidity. Free of faults and taints. No quakers permitted. Premium Grade (C2) or Exchange Grade (C3) can have up to 8 and 23 full defects respectively. 

“Now what does that mean?” There are approximately 3,456 coffee beans in one pound. With exchange grade coffee, used by most local roasters as well as the big green machine, you can have up to 70 primary defects per pound which is 8X the amount permitted in C1 coffees and is why you can taste the difference in our coffees!