Our Part

Committed to sustainable business practices.

We are aware of the daily footprint coffee shops leave behind, so we’re doing our best to minimize that through numerous practices described below.
— Giuseppe

Full Circle

Coffeebar works with local farms to source organically grown produce and eggs. In turn, Coffeebar produces compost and then donates it back to the farms to create a full circle. 


River School Farm
Produce Compost Exchange
Reno, NV

Earth Alchemy
Micro-greens & Produce
Reno, NV

Tahoe Food Hub
Produce & Eggs
Truckee, CA

Del Rio Botanicals
Supplies Produce
Sacramento, CA

No Plastic Bottles

Enough plastic water bottles are thrown away each day to form a line from Truckee to New York City and back. Coffeebar does not use water bottles.

We do not give away plastic bags

100,000,000,000 plastic bags get thrown out every year.That's enough to cover the entire state of Hawaii in a blanket of plastic.

We Need Your Help!

We want to divert plastic and wooden stir sticks from ending up in our landfills so we provide fettuccine instead.

  1. Break fettuccine stick to appropriate length for your cup. 
  2. Stir vigorously.
  3. Discard used fettuccine into the compost bin provided. 
  4. Exclaim “Mamma mia!”

The Cup

Enough cups are used each year to form three massive stacks from planet earth to the moon.

* Consider bringing your own cup and you will save $.35 off the price for your drink each time you use it!

* If you do not have your own cup with you, you can still help cut the coffee waste footprint by ordering your drink in a porcelain cup.