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Transtemporal Tide

Get ready for new art at Coffeebar Reno! Coffeebar barista and artist Beau Kissler will be displaying his work in the show Transtemporal Tide during the month of May!

Beau Kissler grew up in Maui with the ocean and deep mountain jungles as his playground, temple, and part-time caretaker. Contemplating the rhythm, energy, and endlessness of the ocean inspired his exploration of the mind. 

Kissler's acrylic paintings are windows into a space where psychological energy and physical matter meet. Where the physical framework of this world is depicted as a lattice, intended for the psychological unconscious to weave itself throughout every scale of the universe. 

There will be happy hour pricing during this event, so come support Beau and join us for a fun night!

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Later Event: May 19
Coffeebeer and Donut Tasting