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At Coffeebar, we bring together our passion for good food, good coffee, and good company to create a traditional Italian café experience. Everything we do is guided by five core principles:

  • Passion – A constant pursuit of knowledge, a desire to be the best, and a willingness to sacrifice to achieve your goals and the goals of the company.
  • Hospitality – Making strangers and friends alike feel welcome and at home in our cafes.
  • Sprezzatura – The art of making something difficult seem effortless and easy.
  • Sustainability – The practice of caring for each other, our community, our vendors, and our producers, being mindful of how our products are produced and our impact on the environment.
  • Generosity – Showing up daily with intentional care toward each other and our guests. Supporting our team and guests with enthusiasm and whatever-it-takes commitment to the Coffeebar family.

Our coffee program is dedicated to seed-to-cup sourcing and purchasing coffees of the highest quality, which we roast using the perfect blend of art and science, prepare with care, and serve with love. And following the tradition of Italian cafes, Coffeebar is more than just a coffee company. We offer a seasonally-rotating menu of grab-and-go snacks and pastries, as well as freshly prepared food, which is all hand-crafted in our kitchens using fresh, local ingredients. We serve something delicious for every time of day, from your morning coffee and breakfast burrito, to a sweet treat and glass of wine to relax with in the evening.

We are looking for passionate and experienced individuals to join our growing team and help us continue expanding our brand. If you want to be considered for employment at Coffeebar, please submit your resume and a paragraph on your favorite utensil to info@coffeebar.com.

We look forward to meeting you!

Coffeebar Reno Jobs

  • Reno is 100% staffed at the moment! Thank you for checking! 

Coffeebar Menlo Park Jobs


  • Baristas

  • FOH Coffee Manager

  • Pastry Chef

  • BOH Kitchen Manager

Coffeebar Truckee Jobs

  • Customer Service/Counter

  • Food Prep

Coffeebar Bakery Jobs

  • Pastry Chef

  • Barista

  • Morning Baker

  • Afternoon Food Prep

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