Wine Tasting with Coffeebar's Tuttofare

My name is Lisa Schmidt and you can call me ‘tuttofare’, which means a ‘Jack of all Trades’ in Italian. You will find me at the Reno store, running around the kitchen with gelato on my face, baking up some goodies with flour in my hair and sometimes manning the register. Most importantly, you will likely see me hosting Coffeebar’s monthly wine tastings.

I am a wine enthusiast at heart with a particular passion for Italian wine. I love hosting our tastings where people can experience wines from not just Italy but all over the world. We work with so many different small family vineyards around the world that I can confidently say it is the best part of my job here at Coffeebar! "You can trust Italians with wine," is something you will often hear me say when I’m pouring a great wine from that region and there sure are a lot of those!

Let's back track a little. My passion for Italian wines came from growing up with an Italian father (he's really only half ...shhh). Maintaining Italian traditions have always been important to my family; I don't remember life without them. Probably a side effect from all the wine! I still have cousins who live in southern Italy and don't speak any English, but luckily I can understand them with what little Italian I know. I'm still in love with everything Italian: history, art, culture, food, family, and especially wine. From the moment I saw the Italian dictionary lined tabletops at the grand opening of Coffeebar Reno, I knew it was my place to be.

Since working at Coffeebar, I've held almost every position from baker to gelato maker, but have always had a special connection to our floor to ceiling wine wall (especially since I dust all of the bottles!) It has been just over a year since I started at Coffeebar, and am now proudly responsible for organizing our monthly wine tastings. This includes creating exciting new concepts each month, wine selection, education and event hosting. Italian wines are my go-to but recently, I’ve had the opportunity to branch out to other wine regions around the world such as Spain and France.

This months tasting we will be pouring some amazing wines from Spain, paired with equally fabulous tapas! My hope is that our guests gain a greater knowledge about the production, flavors, and personal family stories behind the wines selected for our monthly tastings. As well as a greater, perhaps newfound, appreciation for wines while enjoying Coffeebar hospitality.

We hope you’ll join us this month. Bere vino!

-Lisa Schmidt