Roasting Tour at Agtron, Round Two!

Here at Coffeebar, we take pride in the fact that all of our coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Reno. We are also proud to serve exclusively "C1" specialty Grade coffee, which is the highest level of industry designation in the coffee business. There is no higher grade of coffee available on the market, and it is extremely rare for a coffee shop anywhere in the world to serve this grade of coffee exclusively. We are honored to have this distinction! (Learn more about our use of C1 grade premium coffees here!)

Needless to say, the quality of our coffee is extremely important to us, and so too is our understanding of it. Coffee is a passion and lifestyle for our staff here at Coffeebar, so we are always eager to take the next step in learning more about it. This week some of our staff got the opportunity to do just that during a tour of our roasting facilities.

All Coffeebar coffees are roasted in South Reno, by our Master Roaster Carl Staub, at Agtron, Inc., which is where equipment was first developed to test the roast of coffee beans beyond the visible spectrum -- a method of measuring roasted coffee that has now become a standard around the world. Likewise, Carl himself is a world-renowned coffee expert, who has trained thousands of roasters and has over 100 patents in the industry. His involvement in the coffee industry extends over 20 years, and he is an incredible wealth of not only knowledge about coffee, but also passion for his craft.

Carl has invested himself in developing an extensive and unique understanding of the science behind coffee and what makes it taste good. Preparing coffee is an extremely complex process, he says, from the extraction to the roast, to the preparation of the beans in each individual cup. As an example, Carl explains that there are close to 900 various components that make up the unique flavor profile of coffee. Initially, Carl began roasting coffee on his own as a means to better understand the science behind it, but the roasting process quickly became a passion and a craft in itself for Carl. Today he roasts up to 20,000 pounds of coffee a month, including each bean that goes into a cup of Coffeebar coffee.

Roast 3.JPG

During our facility tour, Carl shared information about his processes for selecting, blending and roasting coffee; the complexities of coffee and the many factors that can impact the roasting process; and the vast range of distinct coffee characteristics and flavor profiles that can be created as a result. Our staff was able to learn why Carl uses the specific methodology and technology that he does for each roast, and how that makes his roasts stand out against others. Carl travels all around the world studying and learning to understand various types of coffee, and has much knowledge to share about the distinct differences between coffees hailing from various regions of the world. This enables him to develop some incredibly unique and special coffee blends for us here at Coffeebar, in addition to our traditional, house-blend Italian roast. During our tour, Carl roasted some single origin beans from Columbia.

Roast 5.JPG

Our staff is extremely grateful for this opportunity to learn more about the coffee that we love and take so much pride in. We feel very fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Carl working with us, right here in Reno, to provide the most high-quality specialty coffee beans possible to our customers. Thank you Carl and Agtron, Inc.!

Want to learn more about Carl and his work at Agtron? Check out this recent Reno Gazette Journal article (with a cameo from our own Greg Buchheister!).