One Incredible Year

Today marks one year since we opened our doors at Coffeebar Reno, and what a year it has been! When we decided to open a new location in Reno, we never could have quite imagined the incredible reception we would feel from this community, or the immediacy and strength of the connection we would share with our customers. It was clear right away to us that we were becoming immersed in yet another very special community, and we are SO grateful to be a part of it. You all have given us a gift of immeasurable value by enabling us to live our passion every single day, and to share it with some of the best people we could ever hope to know. We wake up each day feeling excited about the work we are doing, and eager to do more of it.

What a year! Thank you Reno for the amazing memories! Photo collage by Eric Schoenfeld-Mineur

The first year of any business is always a challenge, but when we look back on this past year, what overwhelmingly stands out to us are the friendships we've made, the laughs we have shared, the connections that have been established within our walls, and how much fun we have had every day we walked through the door. The joy and passion we have felt each day this first year have far outweighed any challenges we have experienced, and make all of the hard work so well worth it. Above all, what we feel is GRATITUDE for what we have been able to do, what we have learned, and who have met these past 365 days. We are incredibly fortunate, and so humbled and honored by the support we have received here. We absolutely love serving the Reno community, and hope to do so for many years to come. Thank you, Reno, for a year that has truly surpassed all expectations.

Please join us today for our first annual Customer Appreciation Day, where we'll be serving $1 drinks all day long. Any drink, any size, just $1. It's a small way for us to say thank you, and to celebrate the people who make Coffeebar Reno who we are!